Shropshire Youth Theatre

COVID-19 IS EFFECTING SYT – please see details about SYT Connect in the post below.

We are still taking new members.

Please contact Maggie Love via email – – if you are interested in joining.


The award winning Shropshire Youth Theatre (SYT) was established in 1993 as a not-for-profit organisation that provides acting workshops and productions led by professionals that volunteer their time for the company. Now attracting students from across Shropshire and beyond, Shropshire Youth Theatre continues its legacy of providing high quality productions of traditional drama and classic texts. From Shakespeare to Chekov, Brook to Sheridan, SYT offers students a vast range of daring productions with challenging and exciting roles for both new beginners and more experienced students.

SYT prides itself on being the only youth theatre in the country to be run by an annually elected student committee who make decisions on everything from future performances to publicity and sponsorship. To take a look at the current members of the committee, please click here.

SYT provides activities for children and young adults. Our Junior group (between 7 and 13 years) are taught basic performance and devising techniques, and take part in a range of performance opportunities from annual sketch shows to street theatre events. Senior students (between 13 and 25) take part in a large scale production staged at Shrewsbury’s Theatre Severn, along with various events during the summer term.

SYT Beginners (6 years+) meets on a Saturday morning (9:30am – 11am) at The Hive in Shrewsbury.

SYT Juniors (9 years+) meets on a Saturday morning (11am – 1pm) at The Hive in Shrewsbury.

SYT Seniors meets (13 years+) on a Thursday evening (7 – 9.30) at The Hive in Shrewsbury.

If you would like to find out more or come and join us for a free first session, please contact Maggie Love via phone or email
Phone: 07813 026367

Introducing SYT Connect


This is a new virtual mentoring project aimed at engaging SYT students by improving their performance skills using real time directing, sharing filmed performances and offering feed-back with other SYT members. It will be used as both a teaching opportunity and performance platform in the virtual world.

Initially the Senior Students will learn a Shakespeare Monologue, they will film/record their first interpretation and send it to SYT Directors, Maggie and Lisa. An SYT faculty member will then be assigned to work with a student using a safe video chat platform. As the monologue improves, a new version will be filmed and shared with the group.

SYT Juniors will be given the opportunity to work on a digital ‘song’ project, Beowulf. Students have been asked to record sections of the script, which will then be edited together to create an audio score by a senior student.

SYT Beginners, our youngest group, will be offered the chance to experiment with their own toys, collectibles or household objects in an exercise we are fondly calling ‘Playtime Poetry’.

Over the next six months SYT will collate the material from all the groups to create a YouTube Channel that will be a legacy to the project created during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will require support and help from our website designer, Virtual Shropshire to enable this final presentation.

At this time it is difficult to imagine when we can return to regular workshops and a rehearsal process as we knew it. For now SYT is excited to deliver drama tuition in a virtual world.

To ensure every student and staff member has access to the project we have been able to purchase iPads with the Shropshire Council Emergency Arts Fund.

If families require any help with filming or video chat we can provide technical support. We will follow all and guidelines.

All sterilisation precautions will be taken; supplying anti-bacterial wipes to be used before and after use of any of the shared technical items.

When we can eventually return to our workspace at The Hive in Shrewsbury, students will be able to use the camera skills they have learned along with their new performing techniques to further their skills in future productions. Perhaps some time in the future these self-filming techniques and virtual teaching methods will be part of a ‘new’ performance art program.


Please contact Maggie or Lisa for further information.



SYT and COVID-19

Due to the current lockdown placed across the UK, all SYT workshops and productions have been postponed. We are exploring ways to stay in touch with our students and plan to announce virtual performance opportunities in the near future. Keep an eye on our social media, especially our Facebook page. Stay well and safe!


SYT Co-op Community Fund

Syt has been accepted as one of the causes for our local Shropshire Co Op community fund. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to help us by doing your grocery shopping. It requires no actual donation except a £1 joiners fee.  1% of your purchase from the Co Op will go to a charity of your choice. To select us as your charity, simply make an account and select Shopshire Youth Theatre here.

A Note on Casting

Here at SYT we aim to provide an insightful and entertaining experience in youth theatre, with valuable techniques learned and friends made along the way. Every year we have a major performance at Theatre Severn that is directed, produced and prepared over the span of two terms. The final bows at the end of every years show leaves students feeling proud of the characters they have developed and the newfound skills they have garnered from valuable feedback.

With this in mind, we would just like to reassure any future students that, regardless of your role, you will be a major part of SYT. The lines aren’t everything in these performances, there is a large emphasis on building stage presence and expression which contributes to the wonderful atmosphere of the play. We urge you not to be discouraged if you have a lack of lines, this is representative of a real casting call wherein your assigned character may have no lines at all.

There are no rules with casting, if you are completely new to the group but your audition proves that you fit the character then you could very well get the role. On the whole however, principal characters are given to the older pupils who may have more experience or simply know the process of putting on an SYT play. Over time, you will discover how our shows are structured and you will have a chance of a main role.

You will find that as you progress through the terms and get to know everyone in the group, you will feel the sense of friendship that links the group together. Every member of SYT is welcoming and helpful, if you need advice or are uncertain of something- don’t hesitate to ask.

SYT Beginners

As of September 2019, SYT will be establishing a new group: SYT Beginners. This group will be for ages 6-9 and will focus on building performance skills that will lend to confidence and stage performance later down the line. It will still be held at the Hive in Shrewsbury and it will be from 9:30-11. As well as this, the Junior group has changed. The minimum age for Juniors has been increased to 9 and it will begin straight after the Beginners at 11am and will go until 1pm (still at the Hive). This new group will begin in September 2019.

Pride and Prejudice 2019

On the 10th and 11th of April 2019 the SYT seniors performed Jane Austen’s regency report “Pride and Prejudice” in the Walker theatre of Theatre Severn. The latter of those dates was fully sold out, and the former with only a minuscule amount of vacant seats. Everyone involved was buzzing backstage by the final walk off, the sense of fulfillment and joy that radiated was unmistakable. A huge thank you to anyone who helped or came to see, we are still receiving positive feedback and are all very proud. Tim Bannerman, brother of director Andrew Bannerman and long time worker for the BBC wrote “I don’t think I’ve laughed, cried and enjoyed the astonishingly moving ability of young people- some as young as 13 and 14, for goodness sake!- to take on roles such as Mr and Mrs Bennert, Lady Catherine, Mr Collins and the rest of them, as much as I did last week- or have i? Let’s see what next year will bring.” We are all very flattered by all the positive feedback we have received and we plan to continue to work to the best of our ability to bring you classic plays by a youthful cast. Click here to read Chris Eldon Lee’s review!

SYT is a youth theatre group established in 1993 that aims to expose young actors to classical and contemporary texts. Last year we won the mayors gold award in the youth category and celebrated our 25th birthday!

Mayor’s Award Winners 2018

After a successful year of productions from both Junior and Senior groups, it was a delight to be nominated for a Mayor’s award for the third year. After winning Silver and Bronze awards in the Youth category in previous years we were absolutely delighted to be awarded the gold certificate and overall winner in the Youth category on Wednesday, May 9th. On Thursday SYT Seniors got the chance to view the plaque and certificate and as you can see, we’re all very excited and pleased with our win!

SYT Gold Winner Photo

Much Ado About Nothing

On March 28th and 29th SYT seniors performed the comical Shakespeare play, Much Ado About Nothing. Every member involved in this play thoroughly enjoyed performing to two near-sold-out audience and even now, weeks after their curtain call, cast continue to receive positive reviews and feedback from audience members. Let us not tell you what an amazing performance was brought to life in the Theatre Severn, but instead leave that to those who saw us first-hand.
Audience Member Review:
On Wednesday I travelled from Llandrindod Wells to Shrewsbury to stay the night & to a performance of “Much ado about nothing” by the Shropshire Youth Theatre.
I was very glad that I did.
I thought the production swift-moving, intelligent and intelligible, putting across both the humour and the later pathos of the plot.
The performances were splendid, particularly those of James Marshall and Alice Butler (of course they have the best lines but they made the most of them) and were well supported by the rest of the cast.
I was also impressed by the size and composition of the audience. No doubt many were friends or relatives of the performers, but they were lucky to be seeing, whether for the first or more frequent time, a thoroughly enjoyable version of a Shakespeare play – and one free from a director’s self-indulgent gimmicks.
Thank you, Tony

In addition to this wonderful review from one of our audience members you can also read the full review by Chris Eldon Lee here.

If you were able to see our telling of this amazing story, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and let us know your thoughts. You can do this by contacting Maggie Love directly – – or by letting us know on our Facebook page, simply titled “SYT

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

For the past 25 years, the Shropshire Youth theatre has helped many people to express themselves and build on their skills in performance while giving them the opportunity to be a part of a community, playing a large role in every members life. With our upcoming performance of Much Ado About Nothing coming to Theatre Severn in March, and lots of exciting exhibitions planned to celebrate the 25th birthday of SYT, we are asking for donations to ensure that this work can continue to inspire the youth of Shropshire. If you would like to help us reach our goal, please visit our crowdfunding page!

Thank you!