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Shropshire Youth Theatre

SYT Committee

Shropshire Youth Theatre is possibly the only youth theatre in the country led by a central committee of Senior students. Since it’s early beginnings, this core team of elected officials has worked in various roles and responsibilities, and has run sub-projects to promote and publicise the organisation and its activities.

Students can be elected for the committee every year at our AGM (Annual General Meeting). When a post becomes vacant, a new student can put themselves forward for the role. There are many different roles and responsibilities on the committee, and students that wish to be elected are required to give a short presentation demonstrating their suitability for the position. The entire Senior company then votes for their chosen candidate. There is also a Senior student who represents our Junior and Beginner groups at the committee, so even our youngest members are encouraged to have their say in our organisation.

The committee meets roughly every two weeks to discuss matters relating to the running of the company. They are responsible for selecting the main production for the next year, making decisions on the marketing of our events and managing our presence on social media. They can also suggest workshops and activities for our summer term, and help us to fundraise for the company. Above all, they represent us at public events, and are often our voice when it comes to radio and media appearances.

If you’d like to find out more about the committee and their work, you can get in contact with them directly at