Hi, Katie here, a senior student at Shropshire Youth Theatre. I’ve been volunteering as an assistant workshop leader at Junior sessions for nearly 2 years now, helping out at on a Saturday morning. I wanted to help out at juniors because it is extremely rewarding seeing our students personalities and acting skills develop during their time at SYT. I’ve been a member of SYT for as long as I remember, and I cherish the great memories I’ve collected. Not only does SYT improve members acting but it also gives them confidence, lifelong friends, improved vocal skills, whilst opening so many doors for the future.
SYT juniors consists of 3 different termly projects. In each project Lisa and senior helpers like me work with students individually, in pairs and in groups, to bring out the many skills they are capable of. The projects we do are; devised sketch show, street theatre and monologues and duologues. The sketch show and street theatre project are usually in groups, allowing great friendships to form. During the sketch show students come up with scenes bursting with their crazy ideas and everyone has a lot of fun. Street theatre helps students be confident and talented out of the usual theatre setting and is a very fun, new and exciting performance day. During the monologues and duologues project, the students pick their own piece to perform and we work individually with them in memorising lines, projecting to fill the space and improving physical performance. Doing a piece on your own or in a pair really boosts confidence and skill ; this is why it is my personal favourite of the 3 topics. All 3 are wonderful, fun and rewarding in their own way and have helped students overcome shyness, while performing in front of parents and friends, and members of the public.
During a SYT session we do a variety of fun games, physical and vocal warm ups, script development, character building and performances within the group. The creation of set and costume also becomes possible whilst at SYT as well as volunteer experiences like program selling for the senior group within the Theatre Severn. SYT enables students to have fun whilst learning a very rewarding skill.
SYT sets students pasts, present and futures alight with possibilities and rewards whilst giving children something to look forwards to at the end of the week.